How to Achieve the Perfect Tan Safely

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Everyone, despite their skin types, has three needs in the sun… a Protector, a Promoter and a Prolonger. These three components are essential for minimizing the risk of burning and to achieve a rich, long-lasting, healthy tan.

The Protector

Natural Tone Organic Skincare SPF 30 and SPF 15 are both made for sun-sensitive areas, highly recommend to use anywhere the bone is close to the skin. For those with a base tan, the SPF 8 is recommended. When applying lotions DAB & LAY them on, never rub them in as they belong on the surface layers, not deep inside the skin. At a minimum always use a protector on your face.

The Promoter

Product used in conjunction with the protector to promote a tan. Those with fair skin should use an SPF 8. With a medium base tan you should use an SPF 8 or 4. With a good base tan, Platinum Oil or Organic Beauty & Tanning Oil is recommended. Use these fine oils sparingly, small amounts go a long way. Never use on the face.

The Prolonger

Two Natural Tone Skincare products are recommended. Especially important is the ALOE SKIN CONDITIONER & HYDRATOR. This should be used daily, year round and more frequently with increased sun exposure on holiday. EVERYONE needs a prolonger. Best results are obtained when the product is applied chilled after a warm shower, because the warm water will open the pores of the skin and bring all the heat in the skin to the top. RECOVERY GEL should be used on damaged skin or areas where significant colour was gained. For proper application LAY (apply liberally) the RECOVERY GEL on the skin (thicker in any areas which may be badly burnt) and wait for it to sink in. After it has absorbed into the skin, immediately apply ALOE SKIN CONDITIONER & HYDRATOR with the same method. RECOVERY GEL is also excellent for skin rashes, shaving irritations, insect bites and jellyfish stings.

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