Unleash the Power of Aloe Vera in your tanning regime!

Our Aloe Vera products are designed to help you manage your tan…


One of the greatest secrets to a long-lasting tan, Natural Tone Organic Skincare Rosehip Aloe lotion combines the healing properties of the Aloe cactus with Rosehip. A rich blend of pure Aloe and Rosehip Oil makes this lotion an extraordinary skin conditioner & hydrator. Daily use will help keep skin healthy and alive.

Use daily after a warm shower to help keep your skin moist, soft & supple, and to retain your tan for weeks longer. Rosehip Aloe lotion is an essential component of the tanning process to PROLONG your tan. Excellent for conditioning the skin after sun exposure, and equally beneficial as an everyday moisturiser.


This combines the exceptional healing power of pure Aloe and Tea Tree Oil with the soothing & cooling effects of Eucalyptus for immediate relief of sunburn pain. Promotes healing of sun-damaged skin and should always be used with our Rosehip Aloe lotion for best results, especially for salvaging sunburned skin & converting it to tanned skin.
In addition to being excellent for sunburns, it is also very effective with insect bites, shaving rash and other skin irritations.

Use after a warm shower. Keep in your refrigerator for maximum soothing & cooling.

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